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November 2018

Dear Friends of Promisek,

This time of year always seems to be a time of quiet change – leaves turn red, yellow, orange and brown and fall to the ground, gardens are cut back and put to rest, days get shorter and colder. Unlike the spring, where the change is strong with color and vibrant, the change in the fall is more internal and contemplative.

At Promisek, we are experiencing a time of internal change. When we purchased the 300-acres of Promisek in 1977, we did not have a vision for what it would look like in 2018 – that we would be a vibrant, Catholic lay association working to build a lay spirituality for our time. Moving forward with this vision, the Promisek Core is pleased to bless our new leadership Triad of Jill Hogan, Graham Bass and Bill Hogan. While all of the Core will continue to participate actively and contemplatively in the Promisek Core and mission of the organization, we are excited about the new Triad taking Promisek into the future.

We think of this leadership transition as a “quiet” change as we will continue our current activities, such as the Communio Study Circle, Monastic Professionals, Lectio Divina, Teilhard Study Group, and Women’s Group.

Our relationship to the land grows through our monthly workdays, our continued maintenance of the Beatrix Farrand Garden and participation in the CT Historic Gardens, our newly developed woodshop, and in our quarterly Long Dances. We are excited to begin a relationship with Earthtones, LLC to transition Corpus Christi Hill into a native grass and wildflower meadow that can become a habitat for small animals and promote environmental sustainability.

Our musical offerings in the form of salon concerts and string workshops by Katie Lansdale have continued throughout the year. This year was marked by a piece composed for Promisek and dedicated to Martha Hinrichsen by Professor Ken Steen of the Hartt Music School, a noted composer of contemporary music.  Twelve violins and a cello performed the piece conducted by the composer and mixed with an ambient sound track recorded from places on the land.  It was well received and was performed again in Hartford this year.

We continue to be grateful for the many priests who celebrate Mass with us at our monthly workdays and at other times, and for Liturgical events such as daily Vespers, monthly Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, Good Friday Stations of the Cross, and May procession in honor of Mary.

As we look towards the future, we pray for the continued support of individuals such as yourself. The world is in desperate need of land-based places where people can discover how their gifts from God can be in service to the world, and the ways in which their life has a deeper and fuller purpose. This is our work at Promisek now and as we move forward. We thank you for your help.

Jill Hogan for the Promisek Core